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'Somos 11 Millones/We Are 11 Million' by Andrea Bowers

'Somos 11 Millones/We Are 11 Million' by #AndreaBowers (in collaboration with Movimiento Cosecha @cosecha_harvest), part of #Agora. Commissioned by @highlinenyc (Neon and steel, 192 x 120 in., 2018)

This message, written in Spanish on one side and in English on the other, refers to the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States. I thought it was a great way to either remind or let know Florida artists that has placed an #OpenCall for #FloridaBasedArtists to submit a work for a billboard for the 'Come to Your Census' campaign.

The deadline to submit work is this coming Wednesday, August 19th, 6pm EST.

Apply by sending your artwork (square format) to by August 19. Selected artists will receive $1,000!

Undocumented immigrants in particular are a group that is hard to count since, understandably, they are nervous about the possible negative consequences of answering the census. There is NO question about citizenship status on the #2020Census. But it is very important that everyone is counted so that each area can get the social services needed, according to the number of people that live in that area.

How is the number of undocumented immigrants estimated? The very simplified explanation goes something like this: from the estimated total number of the population from the census (with statistical adjustments for people missed, they subtract the total number of legal immigrants (visa and green card holders, and asylum seekers), that plus some adjustments from people dying, coming or going, gives a rough estimate.

Let’s make everyone count, because everyone does!

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