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Rejina Jestrow's Walgreen Windows at Miami Beach

From inside @reginajestrow's Walgreen Windows installation at Miami Beach, commissioned by @oolitearts and curated by @laura__marsh.

Watching the installation from inside the windows was fun! I was able to see the materials up close, talk to Regina about how she did the install, and help her with the very final touches (installing some color light bulbs that she hopes are going to make the installation look even funkier, even if she hasn't been able to see them at night since there was an 8 pm curfew for non-residents while she was installing).

With window film, flagging tape, and staples, Regina created four different vibrant compositions that are sure to brighten the mood of the passersby.

'Windows at Walgreens' is a program funded by Walgreens in partnership with @oolitearts, where two Walgreens locations in Miami Beach provide their street display space to show the work of @oolitearts resident artists past and present on a rotating basis. This time Regina got to install both locations at the same time (6700 Collins Ave & 7340 Collins Ave).

@reginajestrow currently also has an outdoor installation at the 'Spring Contemporary' exhibition @deeringestate.

Hats off to someone who has been really productive during the pandemic!

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