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Ordinary Spheres

Artists are masters at disguising things ... take for example #JonathanRajewski's 'Ordinary Spheres', now on view at @ninajohnsongallery in Miami's Little Haiti. At first sight, they look nothing what they really are, a collection of a bit of everything: hair, dirt, cigarette butts, old socks, rags, old receipts and other unpleasant and not so unpleasant things (there are also leaves, flowers, thread, etc) ... all mingled together.

In these 'Ordinary Spheres' as in life, it is hard to separate the good from the bad. The artist makes them by hand, compiling things from a moment or place as if keeping a record. The spheres are all different in sizes and components and look beautiful as a whole, neatly arranged in rows. For me, a hopeful metaphor for looking back at the days of our lives.

Do not miss the painting in the back either (second and third pic), Jonathan Rajewski is a 2021 MFA Candidate in Painting at the Yale School of the Arts, and his paintings are a sight too. He is originally from North Dakota and works and lives in Michigan.

Most Miami galleries are open by appointment. Make your appointment, wear your mask. Enjoy!

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